About Us

Our story begins when we, Ayesha and Sadaf, met at a Chicagoland based school at the young age of 13. Looks were exchanged and we were not friends at first sight. To this day I am not sure what the reason was that we were not “magnet” friends, but fast forward years later and here we are, the Thelma and Louise of the modern-day world. To be fair, magnets of opposite forces do attract and so did we… eventually. 

Both of us have a passion and drive to normalize our deen and make it mainstream without changing the core values of our beliefs. Our goal with this website is not just to create products to sell, but to be able to spread dawah and create a platform for everyone to feel welcomed and not judged.

While one of us always wanted to begin this initiative, the other was always busy reaching a deadline. Eventually, there came a time when one of us just became extra pushy and well, here we are taking a chance to combine the brains and creativity we both have, to establish a prominent footprint as two female entrepreneurs. 

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