Doodles With Soha Mohiuddin: A Moonlit Ramadan

Salaam and let's get right into this beautiful drawing that you can share with your children! Or if you are a doodler like me, grab some paper, a pencil, crayons, a ruler, and lets get moving!

Before we start: 

Some Drawing Tips

You can draw your artwork in pencil and color it using crayons, colored pencils, markers, or whatever way you like. You can freehand this drawing, but to make it a little neater, use a ruler for the lines and use any circular object for the crescent moon. To make the drawing stand out more I suggest tracing your pencil drawing with a black pen or marker. After you’re done tracing, remember to erase any extra pencil drawings showing through. I prefer to always draw in pencil before tracing so I can always erase and change something in my drawing if I need to; however, If you’re feeling confident then go right ahead and start drawing with your marker.

For the Moon:

Step1: draw half a circle 

First, draw a half-circle. You can use a round thing to draw a circle ( a bowl or small plate). You could even use a geometrical compass


Step 2: Draw another half circle. 

The Half circle should be slight to the right and slightly above. Then you will see a half-moon formed.  

Step 3:

Erase any extra lines as shown in the figure


For the Masjid

When drawing the domes or the roof of the masjid, draw a small dot above the boxes and make sure the point is roughly in the center above each box. From each end of the dome, connect it to the dot so the dome looks roughly symmetrical. 

Follow along below!
Step 1:
Step 2:
Step 3: 
Note About the Author: Soha Mohiuddin is a senior at the University of Texas at Dallas. She is a premed student majoring in Biology. Her many hobbies include: baking, henna, and doing art. She likes learning new skills and trying to learn new art forms. Additionally, she enjoys editing videos about her recipes and art, hangout with friends, and especially show casing/ sharing her Desi culture in what she does. Show this Artist some love and follow her @sorta.creative 

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