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My hand only draws squiggly lines and shapes that I make up….

My children are 7, 3,2. They love everything I draw. Inspiration comes to me at random and I love to doodle but that creative talent really is not within in me. My passion has been to write and admire the arts from afar.

After having children they have built up my ego so much. WOW! A flower! Mamma draw me a flower too! My 7 year old now attends a proper art class in school and says he is the new and rising Picasso and critiques my squiggles a little too much now. The beauty of it is that his little sister and brother admire him even more! When it comes to publicly displaying art, I leave it to the professionals, enter Naseeba. She has inspired for years. I mean I have maybe become a little stalkerish with how passionate I am about her amazing skills. She was the first person I jumped to when thinking about a design for our logo. It was a bit complicated then understanding how things work, could we have her draw something and then digitize it?  After going through the process Sadaf and I understand more about how things work. I hope she keeps us in mind as potential future clients.

In any case, here we are now. You see, Naseeba reached out to me a few weeks ago pleading to be on our page! ( Yeah right, I requested her so kindly to share something for us and she agreed!) Check out this beautiful Eid card design that you can do with your kids. 


I'll stop babbling and let you see her step by step process below! 


















 Hope you enjoyed this touch of elegance. Take your Eid cards to the next level this year! Follow Naseeba on her IG @naseeba.khader

Note About the Artist:
Naseeba Khader describes herself as 'The girl who loves to draw!" She is an artist based in Mississauga, Canada. A wife and mother to two boys. She has always loved art but as of present found her true passion in Art of Islamic lands. She is a student of Islamic calligraphy and is currently learning with Master Calligrapher Shahryanshah Sirajuddin who is based in Istanbul through Deen Arts Foundation. Follow her on IG @naseeba.khader




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