5 Tips to Kick the Coffee Habit Before Ramadan! - By Ayesha Farooq

Calling on ALL my COFFEE LOVERS!

Just a month away from Ramadan and all my coffee lovers must already be thinking about the caffeine withdrawal. If you are dreading that upcoming migraine and stressing out from kicking the habit, here are a few tips from our team to help you out: 

  • Start Slow 
  • The best way to prepare is to start a week or two before Ramadan and reduce the amount of coffee or caffeine you have throughout the day. Try to pinpoint how many cups of coffee you have in a day. Make it easier by splitting your day up into 3 blocks:




    Start reducing a cup per block so you can wean yourself slowly.  Make it a point to recognize which block of time you have the most caffeine and how it affects you. If you only have one cup in the morning and none the rest of the day, that may be the time that you will find the hardest for your body to adjust.  Start slowly and your body and mind may be in a much happier mindset and help you focus on ibadah instead of that upcoming migraine once our beautiful month of Ramadan arrives. It’s usually just a little tough those first three days that our body gets used to fasting, so don’t worry!

  • Make a Replacement
  • If you want to kick the habit all together for Ramadan start at least two weeks before Ramadan to give your body time to adjust. One idea would be to prep your body to have more water so that you get used to hydrating your body ahead of time. Let’s be honest, sometimes we really don’t need coffee/caffeine, we just need a coffee break. The term “coffee break” is just a social hour or an excuse to get up from our chair to refresh our minds from the work we have at hand. Take that “coffee-break” time and try to make the most of it:

    • Read a page of Quran, 
    • Make a special duaa, 
    • Call a family member or someone who is sick and check on them
    • Spend some extra time with your kids or spouse if they are home, 
    • Use the Iftar Loading apron and help prep iftar in style …(hehe see what I did there..)
    • Take a short Prophet (S) nap between Dhuhr to Asr if you have 30 mins or more to spare. (If you are working from home during these COVID times, that’s one benefit! Your bed may just few feet away. )

  • Use Intermittent Fasting 
  • If you are medically able, use intermittent fasting to your benefit. Start getting your body used to fasting. Yes… yes.. I know you are allowed water and zero calorie drinks with intermittent fasting and in Ramadan we do not drink water after our morning meal of suhoor, but a start is a start. You create your own rules. Intermittent fast without water or coffee it is possible! Slowly engage your digestive system to make that GI tract happy!

  • Exercise 

  • Don’t freak out here, I am not saying do a HIIT workout, but go for a little walk to clear your head and will make that mind to body connection. You can make cleaning an exercise. Turn on a nasheed, put on a Mufti Menk or Omar Suleiman lecture and just go go go. You will be surprised how happy your kids will be to take part. Also, if you are that husband that just really wants to make his wife smile, help out! Ask your wife what needs to be done in the house and put some pep to your step and get some thawaab! As my dad says, (and maybe all the uncles in the world) “HAPPY WIFE means HAPPY LIFE!” Let’s be honest, all the dad’s born in the Bollywood age, when the movies were actually clean and sweet have got the romance tactics down thanks to Amitabh Bachchan and friends!

  • Insert Caffeine HERE

  • Now there may be two types of caffeine lovers, the ones that absolutely cannot give it up at all costs, and those who will decide that they will give it up,but the pre-planning is just too much. For the latter, you probably can incorporate a Tylenol in your morning suhoor prep for the first three days and rip off the caffeine withdrawal symptoms by day 3. Now I am not saying that is advisable, in fact I discourage it, however, it is what has proven to work for some that shall remain anonymous.

    Now for those of you who must have caffeine no matter what, why be harsh on yourself? Just give yourself those few extra minutes and make yourself an enjoyable cup of coffee. By the time you finish your actual suhoor your coffee may be the perfect temperature! Remember to hydrate yourself with water prior to the caffeine. You’ll know you did it right if you have to use the facilities very bad about 30 mins or less after suhoor finishes. 

    Have any tips that you would like to share? What’s worked for you? Comment below!

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